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Free Download Virtual DJ Pro 7.4 Build 449 + Crack

 Virtual DJ Pro 7.4 Build 449 

Virtual DJ adalah salah satu software yang di gunakan mixing MP3. Aplikasi ini memungkinkan penggunanya untuk merekam mixing miliknya hingga proses burning CD atau untuk dibagikan di internet dan layaknya memiliki stasiun radio sendiri. 

• Automatic adjustment of track speed 
• Changes the volume level 
• Excellent imitation vinyl records 
• Automatic reduction of the tracks 
• Built-ins for audio processing 
• Three-band EQ 
• Management of pitch (from -34% to +34%) 
• Synchronised sampler 
• Compatible with VST effects 
• Video mix (mix songs and / or video clips) 
• Fully supported karaoke 
• Compatible with ID3-tags 
• Encoding CD to MP3 
• Compatible with sound cards, ASIO 
• Support for the change program interface using skins 
• Support for MIDI-keyboard to control tracks 
• Record mixes to WAV or MP3 formats 
• And much more 

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Free Download IconCool Graphics Converter Pro 2013 v3.20 + Patch

 IconCool Graphics Converter Pro 2013 v3.20 

 IconCool Graphics Converter adalah Salah satu software yang berfungsi untuk mengkonversi gambar ke format gambar lainnya, Gambar ke PDF dan juga sebaliknya, Gambar ke Vector, memberikan Efek, memberikan watermark, memotong serta memecah gambar, menambahkan bingkai dll. 

Features : 
• 500+ Formats: 
Supports conversions for more than 500 graphic formats, including JPG, JPEG2000, PDF, PNG, GIF, EMF, TIF, WMF and more. For more details, please read List of 500 Supported Formats. 

• 22 Vector Formats: 
Supports 22 vector formats(for vector version), including DWG, DWF, DXF, GBR, PCT, PLT, WMF, CGM, DGN and more. 

• 40 Image Filters: 
Supports 40 image filters, including Blurring, Sharpening, Embossing, Diffusing, Color Balance, and more during converting; 

• 12 Image Effects: 
Supports 12 image effects, including Resizing, Flip, Wave, Noise, Arbitrary Rotation, and more. You can resize images in batches easily. 

• Default Options in Batches: 
You can save your selected filters or effects as default options, and apply them in a batch conversion. 

• 500+ Formats to PDF: 
Converts 500+ graphic formats to PDF in batches. Graphics Converter Pro 2013 also can convert vector graphics(such as DWG, CGM, DGN, DWF and etc.) to PDF. 

• PDF to 130+ Formats: 
Converts PDF to more than 130 graphic formats in batches, such as JPG, JPG2000, GIF, PNG, TIF, EMF ... 

• 130+ Formats to/from JPEG2000: 
Supports conversions between more than 130 formats and JPEG2000(JP2, J2K, JPC and JPF) images. 

• Alpha and Multi-Page Support: 
Graphics Converter Pro 2013 fully supports Alpha channel in 32-bit PNG or ICO formats and transparence layer in GIF, PNG or ICO formats. It fully supports Multi-Page formats, now you can convert, create or preview Multi-Page images, including TIF, GIF, PCX, AWD, WFX, FLI and FLC. 

• Watermark Maker and Image Combination: 
Watermark Maker allows you to easily add text or image watermarks on images. Image Combination tool allows you to easily combinate your images or pictures. 

• Image Cropper and Image Splitter: 
These tools allow you to crop or plit your images or graphics in batches. 

• Frame Maker and Image Resize: 
These tools allow you to easily add beautiful frames on your photoes, or resize your images in batches. 

Cara Instal : 
1. Ekstrak rar 
2. Install Graphics Converter 2013 3. Copy Patch ke direktori installasi programnya 
4. Run Patch > Apply Patch 
5. Enjoy…. 

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Hits Buzz: Track Web Stats Automatically

Hits Buzz Banner
"This Webs Stats Software Reveals Secrets About your Web Visitors to Maximize Your Profits! "
Costs $37
But Free Here. Get it Now!

Web Stats Tracking Software Tutorial
Hits Buzz Box
Web Stats Tracking Software  Instructions:

1. After you downloaded the Hit Buzz Application to your PC double click the application and start the installation proper.

2. After successfully installing the software, check the directory where the application decide, it could be in your C:\program files\hitbuzz or different depending on where you installed it.

3. Browse to the hit buzz folder, you will find 2 folders in there, the "mysqldb" and "hits".

4. Open the folder named "mysqldb" and you will see a SQL file that allows you to create the database in your server.

5. Browse to your cPanel or what web back end application your using, click the phpMyAdmin and create a database, name it with what ever you desire. After creating the MySQL database browse the newly created database.

6. Inside the database you will see a couple of menu's on the top, structure, SQL, Search, Query, Export, Import, Operations, Privileges and Drop.

7. The only thing you will concern your self with is the Import and Priveleges Menu, Click the import Menu.

8. Inside the Import Menu you will see the file import, click the browse button and click the SQL file inside the "mysqldb" folder in your Hit Buzz directory installation, wait to successfully create the database.

9. (Optional) You can also create a user specific to access the hitbuzz application, if you skip this part you can just use the default user name and password supplied by the MySQL Sever which is, username: root and just leave the password field empty.

10. Upload the php scripts contained in the "hits" folder in another folder in your server, in this process you will need your FTP access, you can get it in your web administration panel..e.g cPanel.

11. Run the Hitbuzz application, click the "settings" button on the upper left, supply the neccesary information that the Hitbuzz ask you, provide the Site URL: MYSQL host, Database, Database User and User Password.

12. Once you completed the settings a file called "config.php" and upload this to your server in the script folder, make sure you supply the right information or else you will get an error.

13. After the Step 12, click the "Prepare Web Pages" button, you can do of two things in here, number 1, the "browse" button lets you select a folder which contains the webpages that you want to prepare for the application to insert a line of code in it. Number 2, you can just copy the code below the "browse" button and paste it in your pages if the site has already been uploaded. Once new surfers arrive to each page, you can see the tracks in the tool.

Free Download Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 + Crack

 Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 

Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 adalah salah satu software yang berfungsi untuk membuat suatu design arsitektur seperti Gedung, Rumah dll. 

AutoCAD 2014 System Requirements : 
For 32-bit AutoCAD 2014 : 
• Windows® 8 Standard, Enterprise, or Professional edition, Windows® 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium edition (compare Windows versions), or Windows XP® Professional or Home edition (SP3 or later) operating system 
• For Windows 8 and Windows 7: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ dual-core processor, 3.0 GHz or higher with SSE2 technology 
• For Windows XP: Pentium 4 or Athlon dual-core processor, 1.6 GHz or higher with SSE2 technology 
• 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) 
• 6 GB free disk space for installation 
• 1,024 x 768 display resolution with true color (1,600 x 1,050 recommended) 
• Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7 or later web browser 
• Install from download or DVD 

For 64-bit AutoCAD 2014 : 
• Windows 8 Standard, Enterprise, or Professional edition, Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, Professional, or Home Premium edition (compare Windows versions), or Windows XP Professional (SP2 or later) 
• Athlon 64 with SSE2 technology, AMD Opteron™ processor with SSE2 technology, Intel® Xeon® processor with Intel EM64T support and SSE2 technology, or Pentium 4 with Intel EM64T support and SSE2 technology 
• 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) 
• 6 GB free space for installation 
• 1,024 x 768 display resolution with true color (1,600 x 1,050 recommended) 
• Internet Explorer 7 or later 
• Install from download or DVD 

Additional requirements for large datasets, point clouds, and 3D modeling (all configurations) : 
• Pentium 4 or Athlon processor, 3 GHz or greater, or Intel or AMD dual-core processor, 2 GHz or greater 
• 4 GB RAM or more 
• 6 GB hard disk space available in addition to free space required for installation 
• 1,280 x 1,024 true color video display adapter 128 MB or greater, Pixel Shader 3.0 or greater, Microsoft® Direct3D®-capable workstation-class graphics card 

DOWNLOAD Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 

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Free Download Microsoft Toolkit v2.4.2 Final

 Microsoft Toolkit v2.4.2 Final 

Microsoft Toolkit v2.4.2 Final adalah salah satu software yang berfungsi sebagai aktivasi WIndows dan Microsoft Office. 

-Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5 (Not 3.5) 
-Microsoft Office 2010 or Later for Office Toolkit Support
-Windows Vista or Later for Windows Toolkit Support 

Microsoft Toolkit Changelog: 
-Added warning prompts for Rearm and Microsoft Office Uninstaller. 
-Allow KMS PID to have a 5 digit LCID. 
-AutoKMS Scheduled Task works when the local calendar is not Gregorian. 
-KMS Client used to charge a KMS Server with insufficient client count now works on KMS Servers running Windows Vista. 
-More options for KMS Server Service. 
-Settings moved to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft Toolkit. Please delete or move your old settings. 
-Show KMS Server PID in License Check for KMS Activated licenses. 
-Support for newer Microsoft Office 2013 installers in Channel Switcher. 

DOWNLOAD Microsoft Toolkit v2.4.2 Final 

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Free Download 4Media Video Converter Ultimate + Patch

 4Media Video Converter Ultimate 

4Media Video Converter Ultimate Adalah salah satu software video converter all in one yang berfungsi untuk mengkonversi semua jenis format video populer dengan sangat cepat karena di dalam software terdapat teknologi NVIDIA CUDA, yang mampu membuat proses konversi berjalan 5x lebih cepat di banding software converter lainnya. Selain itu juga software ini bisa di gunakan untuk menggabungkan video (2,3 video dst menjadi 1 video), memecah file video menjadi beberapa bagian, menambah dan mengedit subtitle, menambahkan gambar watermark, menambahkan efek dan masih banyak lagi. 

Features : 
Merge files into one : 
If you have several video segments, this video file converter can let you merge them into a complete one to output for uninterrupted enjoyment. 

Clip video to get segments : 
With 4Media Video Converter, you can pick up your favorite segments from a video by clipping, and then output each segment separately or merge the parts into one to output. 

Auto-split large video file : 
By setting split file size of time length, you can averagely divide large file into parts for converting in 4Media Video Converter. 

Add and adjust subtitle : 
Add subtitle file in ASS, SSA or SRT format, and adjust the transparence and position of the subtitle to get a video with subtitle. 

Crop video image size: 
Define video height, width and crop area to get rid of your unwanted border in the video image. 

Brightness, contrast, special effects : 
Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and choose a special effect from dozens of options like old film, shadow, and sand to get wonderful video effect. 

Add picture or text watermark : 
Add a particular picture in any format or write text in the font style you choose on the video as your signature. 

Check the video effects you apply : 
To help you check the effects you apply, 4Media Video Converter offers original and fixed video comparison function. 

One source, multiple outputs : 
To convert a video to several formats, you can add multiple formats you want at the same time to get them converted one by one. 

More optimized preset outputs : 
This video file converter prepares much more output formats that are classified by device type. You can further change the default format settings to realize your own requirements. 

Bitrate Calculator defines video size : 
By inputting the size in the Bitrate Calculator, you can get a proper file size you need with the AVI video converter, MPEG video converter, VOB video converter, and DAT video converter. 

Expert format settings available : 
4Media Video Converter provides general, advanced and even expert format settings for you to specify the output video and audio parameters to meet your different needs. 

Multithreading, batch process : 
Execute AVI to MPEG video conversion, WMV to MPEG video conversion, and WMV to AVI video conversions at the same time with multithreading and batch process supported. 

True to life video quality : 
With its professional video encoding and decoding technique, 4Media Video Converter can convert video and audio with the best quality. 

More options you have : 
The video file converter can run in background, check updates automatically, provide English, German, Chinese, Japanese languages and three sets of skins. 

Cara Instal : 
1. Ekstrak rar 
2. Install 4Media Video Converter 
3. Copy Patch ke direktori installasi programnya 
4. Run Patch > Apply Patch 
5. Run 4Media Video Converter > Register softwarenya dengan sembarang nama dan serial 
6. Enjoy…. 

DOWNLOAD 4Media Video Converter Ultimate + Patch 

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Free Download Product Key Explorer v3.3.3.0 Final + Patch

 Product Key Explorer v3.3.3.0 Final 

Product Key Explorer adalah salah satu software yang berfungsi untuk mendeteksi KEY dari windows, Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop dan masih banyak lagi, sehingga anda dapat dengan mudah membackup dan merestorenya.Software ini juga mengenali 3000 jenis software populer yang sering di install di komputer dan di BACKUP Key nya. 

Cara Instal : 
1. Extrack File Winrar 
2. Install Software 
3. Copy PATCH nya ke Directory INSTALLAN 
5. Enjoy…. 

DOWNLOAD Product Key Explorer v3.3.3.0 Final + Patch 

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Free Download Uninstal Tool v3.3.0 Build 5303 Final + Crack x32/64 Bit

 Uninstal Tool v3.3.0 Build 5303 Final 

Uninstal Tool adalah salah satu software yang berfungsi sama dengan software revo uninstaller, your uninstaller, advanced uninstaller, yang berfungsi untuk hapus program yang tidak di inginkan 

Cara Instal : 
1. Extrack File Winrar 
2. Install Software 
3. Buka CRACK nya, [ Pilih Sesuai VErsi WIndows X32 or X64 Lalu COpy kan Isinya ke DIRECTORY INSTALLAN 
4. yang ASLI pastikan terganti [ REPLACE ] oleh crack nya 
5. Enjoy…. 

DOWNLOAD Uninstal Tool v3.3.0 Build 5303 Final + Crack x32/64 Bit 

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Free Download Perfect Uninstaller v6.3.3.9 Final + Key

 Perfect Uninstaller v6.3.3.9 Final 

Perfect Uninstaller adalah salah satu software Uninstaller yang fungsi nya sama dengan Software Your Uninstaller untuk menhapus software yang sudah tidak di pakai agar computer atau laptop menjadi ringan.. 

Cara Instal : 
1. Extrack Fail Winrar 
2. Install Software 
3. Gunakan Salah satu KEY yang di sediakan untuk registrasi 
4. Enjoy…. 

DOWNLOAD Perfect Uninstaller v6.3.3.9 Final + Key 

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Free Download Autorun Virus Remover 3.3 Build 0328 Final + Serial

 Autorun Virus Remover 3.3 Build 0328 Final 

Autorun Virus Remover Adalah salah satu software tambahan anti virus yang berfungsi untuk menghapus virus Autorun Inf yang biasanya berada pada Flashdisk. software ini berjalan otomatis ketika perangkat USB di masukan ke komputer anda Anda. 

Cara Instal : 
1. Extrack file Winrar 
2. Install Software 
3. Gunakan nama dan Serial yang di sediakan 
4. Enjoy 

DOWNLOAD Autorun Virus Remover 3.3 Build 0328 Final + Serial 

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Free Download KMSpico Activator v4.5

 KMSpico Activator v4.5 

KMSpico v4.5 adalah salah satu aktivator untuk Windows 7,8,Vista dan Office 2010/2013. 

Features : 
• Versatility (activates: Vista/7/8; Office 2010/2013; Server 2008/2008R2/2012) 
• Does not require active participation of the user (it is enough to start the activator). 
• Simultaneous activation immediately and Windows, and Office. 

With KMSnano can : 
• Activate Windows 8 Enterprise 
• Activate Windows 8 Professional 
• Activate Microsoft Office 2013 
• Activate Microsoft Office Visio 2013 
• Activate Microsoft Office Project 2013 
• Activate Microsoft Office 2010 
• Activate Microsoft Office Visio 2010 
• Activate Microsoft Office Project 2010 
• Activate Windows 7 Enterprise 
• Activate Windows 7 Professional 
• Activate Windows Vista Enterprise 
• Activate Windows Vista Professional 

DOWNLOAD KMSpico Activator v4.5 

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Free Download Adjust Laptop Brightness Final + Crack

 Adjust Laptop Brightness Final 

Adjust Laptop Brightness adalah salah satu tools yang berfungsi untuk mengatur pencahayaan laptop,tentu menjadi salah satu cara untuk menghemat batteray laptop. 

Cara Instal : 
1. Extrack File Winrar 
2. install software 
3. Buka FOlder CRACk, copykan ISInya ke directory INSTALLAN [ C:program files/Adjustlaptop 4. Pastikan yang asli TER REPLACE 
5. Enjoy…. 

DOWNLOAD Adjust Laptop Brightness Final + Crack 

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Free Download Windows 7 Manager 4.2.4 Final + Patch

 Windows 7 Manager 4.2.4 Final 

Windows 7 manager adalah salah satu software yang mampu mengoptimalkan dan membatu miningkatkan kecepatan windows 7 dan juga menghapus file-file yang di angggap JUNK/ sampah.Software ini juga telah di sediakan COUSTUMIZE system, FIREWALL, Security Folder,merubah manufacture laptop, merubah gambar logo di propertise komputer, Yang jelas, dengan software ini, windows 7 jadi lebih mudah di kendalikan, karena terdapat system yang dapat Anda andalkan sebagai privise komputer pribadi. 

Cara Instal : 
1. Extrack file Winrar 
2. install Windows 7 manager 
3. jalankan keygen, pilih PATCH EXE 
4. copy serial number 
5. Enjoy.. 

DOWNLOAD Windows 7 Manager 4.2.4 Final + Patch 

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Berwisata Ke Mars Dengan Google

Anda bisa berwisata ke permukaan Mars mengunakan Google. 

Berikut Langkah-Langkah nya : 

• Pertama-tama masuk ke Alamat berikut Klik DISINI 

• Anda akan melihat permukaan Mars seperti gambar di bawah ini. 

• Jika Anda ingin melihat pegunungan,lembah dan ngarai yang ada di Mars. 
Klik : 
- Mountains 

- Canyons 

- atau Dunes 


Cara Mengubah Dokumen MS Word ke JPEG

Anda bisa mengubah dokumen MS Word menjadi file JPEG mengunakan situs tertentu yang nanti akan kita pelajari. Lantas pertanyaan nya, mengapa dokumen MS Word harus di konversi ke format JPEG??? Ada beberapa alasan. Pertama,jika kita memasang dokumen kedalam blog, akan jauh lebih praktis jika kita mengubahnya terlebih dahulu ke format JPEG.Selain itu dengan mengubah nya ke format JPEG, dokumen menjadi tak bisa di edit oleh siapa pun. 

Untuk mengubah dokumen MS Word ke JPEG,Anda bisa lakukan Langkah-Langkah di bawah ini : 

1. Masuk ke situs Klik DISINI 

2. Klik “ Browse…. “ dan carilah file dokumen yang ingin diubah ke format JPEG 

3. Klik “ Convert to JPEG “ 

4. Secara otomatis,situs di atas akan mengirim file yang nanti di Download oleh browser 

5. File yang di download berbentuk file gambar hasil konversi file dokumen sebelum nya 

6. Enjoy..