Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free Download Registry Washer + Crack

 Registry Washer 

Registry Washer adalah salah satu software utilities yang mampu memberikan optimalisasi untuk PC dan berfungsi untuk mencari registry pada PC yang corupt dan melakukan perbaikan dengan cepat selain itu juga Software ini mengoptimalkan kinerja PC, termasuk Manager Windows cepat dan mudah Startup, Registry Monitor, Manajer BHO, Backup Registry, Full System Backup. 

Features : 
Registry Scanner: 
Registry Washer’s Registry Scanner safely scans your entire Windows registry and pinpoints all Windows registry invalid entries and errors. With a few mouse clicks, you can then either repair or remove the reported invalid entries and errors. 

Search Registry: 
Registry Washer’s Search Registry feature quickly scans your Windows registry keys and values for any given value. You’ll be amazed at the speed of Registry Washer search registry engine. 

Startup Manager: 
Some programs automatically boot up when Windows starts up–and they’re useful for your day-to-day computer activities. Others, however, just slow down your Windows startup and overall system performance, and you might not even be able to start all of them up correctly. With Registry Washer’s Startup Manager, you have full control on all Windows startup programs and can easily select which program to start and which not to, every time your computer starts up. 

BHO Manager: 
Some BHOs are legitimate and add functionality to your Internet Explorer; some, however, are malware, adware, or spyware. Registry Washer’s BHO manager gives you full control over all installed BHO components and allow you to easily enable/ disable any or all of them. 

Automatic Backup: 
To insure maximum safety for our users, Registry Washer auotmatically backs up all repair operations, so that you can easily restore any previous Windows registry repair operation with just few simple mouse clicks! 

Registry Defragmentation: 
Over time, your computer can begin to slow down due to the accumulation of data in Windows registry. With Registry Washer’s Registry Defragmentation feature, you can improve the performance of your computer by analyzing, rebuilding, and compressing data in your Windows registry, removing the gaps and corrupt keys that drag your system down. With just a few clicks, Registry Washer allows you to enjoy a faster, more efficient system. 

Full System Backup: 
Whether you’re installing a new application or game, you never have to worry about how adding the new application will affect your system. Registry Washer’s Full System Backup feature makes it easy to back up your entire system from within Registry Washer itself. If the installation of a new program doesn’t go as planned, Registry Washer ensures you have the vital restoration point needed to restore your computer back to its previous state. 

Download Registry Washer 

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